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History of De Bethune

The manufacture De Bethune was founded in 2002 by two distinguished horologists of the world of watches, Denis Flageollet and David Zanetta

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Denis Flageollet is a visionary creator of watches and mechanical calibers, has worked on teh restoration of many very beautiful horological works of art, as well as on the conception and realisation of more than 120 exceptional timepieces. His technical expertise, combined with the inspiration of David Zanetta, represents a fomidable amout of cultural capital.

History of De Bethune

David Zanetta, a widely recognised expert in the world of historical watchmaking, has for many year been a consultant to some of the most prestigious collections of watches. To make concrete his own vision of watchmaking, he has teamed up with Denis Flageollet and together they have created their own brand under the name of De Bethune.

Ever since the brand was founded, their distinctive talent has been to create mechanical timepieces at the cutting edge.

Using the most up-to-date technologies, they have also demonstrated their ability to design watches with a truly contemporary aesthetic.

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