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History of Dodane

The amazing history of the watch Dodane Type 21 Chronograph

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Published by 3794 on December 9 2008, 17:45.
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The "Montres Dodane SA" society was a great factory but it disappeared in 1995 due to non-refunding problems after the Iraq conflict and also to the rise of quartz movement.

Dodane AircraftDodane continued to manufacture the Dodane Type 211 Chronometric instruments for aircraft for military and civil aviation and Anode is now a little company which currently grows following a human strategy, independently to financial and marketing purpose.

Since the launch of the new company, Dodane ensured successfully the supplying and the maintenance of military aircraft chronometers and then Dodane has developed a wrist watch on the basis of the prestigious DODANE TYPE 21 CHRONOGRAPH

Welcome to the new world of Dodane...

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History of Dodane

The amazing history of the watch Dodane Type 21 Chronograph

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