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FP Journe Boutique in Tokyo

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Published by 3794 on October 20 2010, 19:38.

FP Journe Tokyo

F.P.Journe -Invenit et Fecit- has opened a watchmaking Lounge in Japan, in the St-Germain des Prés of Tokyo, two steps away from the splendid Nezu museum, in the district Omotesando.

Boutique FP Journe TokyoThe Boutique-lounge F.P.Journe is nestled in one of the most beautiful architectural realisation of spirituality : Mr Tadao Ando. Already a place of reference for the devotee of contemporary chronometry.

The new Boutique-lounge has a spacious, elegant, and relaxing atmosphere.

Boutique FP Journe in TokyoA classic style with a touch of modernity pervades the store with its clean, polished walls and solid oak wood floors.

The guest reception area is adorned o with a wallpaper of photos of François-Paul Journe and his team of watchmakers at work, while custom-made leather seats from Paris provide the comfort for guests as soon as they enter the exceptional world of the brand.

Boutique FP Journe in TokyoArtistic, eye-catching showcases are placed strategically around the store and highlight the beautiful F.P.Journe collections.

To the right of the entrance, the visitor can admire a magnificent metallic double staircase, also designed by François-Paul Journe, which is adding a splendorous finishing touch to this watchmaking lounge of exception.

Where to buy a FP Journe watch in TokyoThe occasion marks a new milestone for a brand that was established recently in Geneva, when François-Paul Journe, a French native hailing from Marseille, made his name known to the world of horology by creating numerous groundbreaking timepieces, all bearing the brand’s motto “Invenit et Fecit”, meaning all creations are invented and manufactured by the watchmaker himself.

FP Journe Shop in TokyoLoyal to his vision of haute horology, François-Paul Journe draws on his creativity, expertise, and technical know-how to optimize the efficiency of mechanical timepieces.

And through constant research and testing, he creates timepieces that are unique and unmatched in terms of aesthetic beauty and technical superiority.

Montres Journe Japon KK
Collezione Bldg
6-1-3, Minami-Aoyama
Minato-Ku, 107-0062
Tel. 81-3-54680931

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