Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world

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Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock is one of the oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working

Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a city rich in history. Among its treasures, its astronomical clock is a special place. Portrait of an exceptional instrument created in 1410.

The complexity of the mechanisms necessary for the proper functioning of astronomical clocks made ​​in the Middle Ages is puzzling. Other highly complex technical achievements have yet before them.

The best example is the Antikythera calculator, which a century before Christ, provided the position of the Sun and the Moon using his thirty bronze gears.

On the astronomical clock in Prague, each new hour begins with a ballet of machines.

Four figures begin to move to either side of the astronomical dial, accompanied by the procession of Apostles before two skylights that open above the dial.

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