The Piaget Polo and the sport of polo in ten key dates:

Piaget and the legendary Piaget Polo timepiece

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-500 BC: the first historical record of the game of polo in Persia, at the court of Darius the First;
-1000 AD: Chinese emperor T’sai Tsu orders the decapitation of all the players in a polo match that saw the death of one of his relatives;
-1500: the largest polo field ever, measuring 460 metres long and 100 wide, is built in Ispahan, Persia;
-1600: the great Mughal emperor Akbar introduces polo in India;
-1850: the English discover polo in India. The game is named after the Tibetan word pulu for the willow root which serves to make the balls
-1859: the world’s first polo club is founded in Calcutta and named the “Calchar Polo Club”;
-1979: Piaget creates the Polo watch;
-1980: the Piaget Polo watch is officially introduced during the Polo World Cup in Palm Beach, in the company of Ursula Andress
- 2001: launch of the new Piaget Polo
- 2007: launch of the Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif
- 2007: launch of the Piaget Polo watch equipped with the 880P movement
- 2008: creation of the Pilàra-Piaget polo team
- 2008: Marcos Heguy becomes official ambassador of the Piaget Polo line
- 2009: the Piaget Polo line celebrates its 30th anniversary: launch of anniversary series at the SIHH
- 2009: launch of the Piaget Polo FortyFive

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