Döttling's Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe

Döttling have created a limited edition Liberty Barcelona watch safe

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The Barcelona chair was an iconic piece of furniture, designed specifically for use by the Spanish monarchy and other such dignitaries for the Spanish entry at the International Exposition of 1929, called ‘The German Pavilion’.

Well now, a limited 29 Liberty Barcelona watch safes have been created by Döttling in homage to that iconic chair (only 29 were made to represent the year of the chairs creation - 1929).

Luxurious calfskin leather covers the stainless steel inner structure, which along with the intricate electrical locking mechanism houses 12 precision watch winders and 3 storage drawers, one of which features 10 watch cushions and padding for your most prized timepieces.

Starting at $85,000 you can get the level 1 security model which ways in at around 300kg and measures 100cmx63cmx53cm. For greater security and more features, the price increases dramatically.

Much like the Barcelona chair that preceded it, the Liberty Barcelona watch safe’s price makes it ultimately unattainable, however the sheer class of the hand made manufacture and the materials it is made from make this piece an icon for the future.

If you have the money and a collection of watches that you deem worthy of such protection, you could do far worse than pick up the Liberty Barcelona, the bigger issue however, may be getting your hands on one of the illusive 29 pieces that have been made.

Written by Chris

Source: www.thewatchhut.co.uk
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