Limited series of Chanel J12 watches

See Why They Call Them Revolutionary – Both Time and The Sky on your wrist with the moonphase

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Complete article about limited series of Chanel watches

Ten years after its first launch, the popular Chanel ceramic watch J12 has undergone a startling new transformation...

Limited series of Chanel J12 watches

Once again, Chanel’s love to astrology is incorporated in the new J12 Watches Collection, with mechanism showing the moon phases. The lunar calendar shows the four phases of the moon - new moon, first quarter, full moon and the last quarter on the disk located on the face of the watch that resembles a starry night sky.

The New Moon is on the central hand which shows the date.

Many versions are created - from classic black and white ceramic versions to fully decorated models in limited edition.

Chanel J12 Moonphase watches are objects of desire because it is this model of J12 line that has opened new horizons in the production of watches by this French brand.

The Moonphase model is absolute innovation which was officially unveiled at the Baselworld Watch 2013, where collectors, critics and boutique owners could see the J12 White Sapphire Bezel watch and the model J12 Chromatic in gray color.

J12 Chromatic
Today, thanks to the Moonphase model, the division of Chanel for watches has climbed to a new level.

J12 Moonphase White Ceramic
Watches are made of high-tech ceramics, and there are six different designs. At one design the dial and lunar calendar are decorated with diamonds, while at the other named "Baguette" they are decorated with cut diamonds.

Irresistible J12 Moonphase White Ceramic

Limited series of Chanel J12 watches

Fascinating J12 Moonphase Black Ceramic with Diamonds

Limited series of Chanel J12 watches

J12 Moonphase White Gold with Diamonds; Limited to 5 pieces

The line consists of only 12 pieces available at the flagship boutiques of this brand.

“Life Also Consists of Time”, according to a saying! If it is correct then it’s time for you to glance at Chanel J12 on your wrist and see both the time and the sky, regardless of clouds, rain or snow.

Sonia Prus

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