Definition of Dream Watch

by well known De Bethune watch manufacturer

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Published by 572 on May 20th, 2010 at 06:10 p.m..
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Specially developed for the Dream Watch One with rate adjustment, the design of the calibre DB2016 is completely different from that of any other calibre, so that it can incorporate the rate adjustment system, the invisible balance spring, the new annular balance in silicon and, to add a further difficulty, bridges modelled in three dimensions.

As its defining characteristic, the calibre DB2009 employs the lightest tourbillon in the world designed entirely in silicon and titanium and having neither a cage nor the traditional pillars, but incorporating the latest temperaturecompensated silicon / platinum balance.

The frequency of this new hand-wound mechanical calibre, at the cutting edge of technology, is 36,000 vibrations per hour. Finally comes the hand-wound mechanical calibre DB2005. The first DE BETHUNE calibre (DB2004), created less than five years ago, has already been completely revised.

All the improvements discovered within the DE BETHUNE workshops during these years have been incorporated in this new calibre with a power reserve of 5 days, which now has the latest generation of the titanium / platinum balance.

It can independently accommodate the perpetual calendar mechanism of the DB15 and the DB26 or the moon phase and power reserve of the haute joaillerie DBL.

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