De Bethune in dates

Information about the last 10 years activity of the brand

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2002: The start of the De Bethune Manufacture. First collection based on four different models. Realisation of an unique minute repeater striking watch with perpetual calendar and equation of time.

2003: Launch of two unique pieces: a perpetual calendar with a large date and a strike activated by a water-resistant pusher, as well as the first table-clock with a striking marine movement, double spring barrels and a constant-force escapement. Six new models join the basic collection.

2004: First generation of the titanium/platinum balance and balance spring with flat terminal curve.
Appearance of the system of the spherical moon rotating on its own axis. First mechanical calibre DB2004 entirely manufactured within the workshops. Launch of the DB15 collection with perpetual calendar.

2005: Mechanical calibre with power reserve (DB2014).
Introduction of the DBS collection and the first haute joaillerie watch (DBL). Second generation of the titanium/platinum balance and balance spring with flat terminal curve.

2006: Revolution with the first temperature-compensated balance and balance spring, with the escape wheel
and lever in silicon. Third generation of the titanium/platinum balance and balance spring with flat terminal curve protected by the triple-parachute anti-shock system. Development of two new manufactured calibres: chronograph calibre DB2034 and automatic calibre DB2024 with a central shock-absorber system for the ceramic ball-bearing. Launch of a sports watch case with three models, DB20GMT, DB20QI and DB22, and a look towards the future with a digital watch (DBDigitale). First Dream Watch: co-axial chronograph with cradle case.

2007: Presentation of research into a new annular balance in titanium with platinum mass. Design of an eighth collection: DB24 with a mechanism for controlling the speed of automatic winding on the back. Deposit of the patent for spring barrel with reduced friction.

2008: Dream Watch One with annular balance in silicon / platinum. Dream Watch Two with a silicon / titanium tourbillon weighing less than 0.18 grams and the temperature-compensated silicon / platinum balance. Introduction of the DB25 collection, the first classic watch with an automatic calibre, and the DB26 collection, perpetual calendar with a pivoted cradle case. Presentation of the DB24 with the system for regulating the speed of automatic winding on the back
and on the dial. Mechanical calibre with power reserve of 6 days (DB2015).

2009: First commercialised series of Dream Watch One.
Presentation of Dream Watch One with silicon tourbillon.
New jewellery pieces with diamonds and blue baguette sapphires.
Three new calibres manufactured: DB2005, DB2016 and DB2009

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