Frédérique Constant Genève at the start of The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge

It was like stepping back in time…

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The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 004

Peking (Beijing) – September 11th, 2010 – As the Official Timekeeper of The Peking to Paris Motor Challenge last Friday, a team of Frédérique Constant witnessed the start of what was the fourth edition of this magnificent event. In 1907, the first rally started at the exact same location as this year: the Great Wall just outside of Beijing, China.

Just over a hundred vintage cars and their crews appeared at the start, ready to write history.

The route for the 2010 edition of 'The Ultimate Driving Adventure' follows the historic Silk Route and runs from the Great Wall in China, through Mongolia, then briefly into Russia before turning south west into Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and via Iran, Turkey, Greece and Italy into France to finish at the famous Place Vendôme in Paris.

During this extremely demanding road rally, no less than 200 drivers and navigators – and their 103 classic and vintage cars dating from the 1920s to the 1960s – will cover 14'360 km (8'923 miles) in approximately five weeks. Magnificent cars are part of the ‘troupe’: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, La France, Alvis, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Buick, Plymouth, Delage, Lagonda, Dodge and more.

For Frédérique Constant, sponsoring the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge forms an exciting and logical new chapter in its history of being part of classic car events around the world. If there is one element that is required to take part in the Peking to Paris Rally, it is true Passion. It is this same Passion that guides Frédérique Constant on its highly successful journey through the world of luxury watchmaking.

Under the premise of its slogan 'Live your Passion' the brand encourages people around the world to follow their passion. Being part of The Great Peking to Paris Expedition perfectly reflects this devotion. All participating cars bear the Frédérique Constant logo, and both the driver and the navigator of the winning team will be awarded with an exclusive Frédérique Constant timepiece, upon their glorious arrival in Paris.

Frederique Constant looks forward to welcoming all the teams on Place Vendome in Paris on October 16th! Bon voyage!

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