Luxury watches purchase guide

How to make a good purchase when buying a luxury wrist watch

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Luxury watches purchase guide

If you are looking for information about a luxury timepiece or to purchase a luxury watch online, Presentwatch might be a useful site for you to bookmark

"There is no limit to the price of luxury watches"
In addition, they lose very little value over time and they can even earn in value.

How to make the good choice when purchasing a luxury watch?

The watch market offers complex jewelry, sometimes luxury jewelry when it comes to the most prestigious manufacturers, without limit.

A luxury watch is an important purchase

"It takes longer than to choose a car"

This is a quote from Albert Roy, a businessman from London who has bought three "luxury hit watch" in his life and which does not reveal the price nor the brand.

"It is better to buy over the time. Personally , it's every four years, and it took me 2 years of long research before to find and buy the first of the three luxury watches i have now, and the fourth will come with my forties!"

"These are great expense, it's true, but I do consider it as an investment. Also, this is an "heritage", something I will be able to give to my kids, so they keep something about me, not something they can spend, but something they will keep over the time, this is very important to my mind."

In addition, they lose much less value than a car, and some of them even end up winning in the market for collectors, so the lawyer speech makes sense.

Classic or original?

The first thing to look for is a timeless watch, which means that will survive to time and trends. This is how you recognize a great "clock".

Many models are exceptionals, but some of them might be also "unreasonable" to purchase.

In the inevitable we have the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle , the Portuguese from IWC, the Reverso by Jaeger Lecoultre and a few others from Blancpain, Breguet, etc...

Beware of the models too bold. These watches are made for the long term, so you will be able to give it to your children.

Our philosophy

We won't comment much about the so called "high fashion" brands that have nothing to do with the watch market but are trying to push the walls, and have nothing in common with high class watch manufacturers. We list on Presentwatch all the luxury watches and prestigious timepieces of interest, no more, no less.

The price of a beautiful, well made and manufactured for the long term wrist watch starts around 3000-3500 dollars. So be aware, cause you will not have ten watches in your life, unless you win at the lottery, you will have to choose them well!

You can always sell your old or unwanted watches on the second hand market, it won't take long before you find a purchaser if its from a high quality manufacturer.

Purchasing a luxury wrist watch: where to start?

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