MEMI Smart Bracelet Instead Of A Lady's Watch

Fed Up With Smart Watches? Here Is Your Creative Solution – MEMI Smart gift for Christmas

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Discover the MEMI Smart Bracelet

This bracelet vibrates discreetly notifying (female) users when they receive a message, a call or an alert – it is a jewelry-like gadget innovated by Margaux Guerard and Leslie Simmons Pierson

MEMI Smart Bracelet

Do you want a gadget that is worn around your wrist because smart watches are too large and have a lackluster display? A team of female innovators has come up with an interesting solution and called it MEMI.

What is a MEMI Smart Bracelet exactly?

It is a bracelet primarily intended for women that is compatible with your iPhone, with which it communicates via Bluetooth, and discreetly notifies by vibration about a message, a call or an alert.

Why consider buying a MEMI Smart bracelet instead of a woman's watch

Although it has far too less functions in comparison with a smart watch, it easily fits into any wardrobe set.

MEMI Smart Bracelet

“We believe that fashion and functionality are of equally importance. Our female friends do not want to wear big, black, graceless devices. They actually do not wear 'devices', they wear ‘jewelry’,” say the innovators.

MEMI Smart Bracelet for Christmas

MEMI has three types of vibrations for different types of alerts (that can be customized to the callers – husband, child, boss...), and in addition to its discrete design it holds another advantage over smart watches.

While the latter have become known for the short battery life, the battery in this bracelet runs on an average five days with a single charge.

Young men, here’s an idea what to give your beloved as a Christmas present – both a jewelry and a bracelet-like phone in one - and no more excuses like ‘I haven’t heard your phone call, darling'! (Click to enlarge the pictures)

Discover the MEMI Smart Bracelet

Enjoy in the upcoming Christmas Holidays with your sweetheart, no matter whether she wears a MEMI or not!

Author: Sonia Prus

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