Rare and precious timepieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva

“The Values of a Family Watch Company”

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The exhibition offers not only insights into the Geneva watch manufacturer but also a real journey through the history of watchmaking. Patek Philippe has devoted a large area of the exhibition to the many rare and precious timepieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva which boasts more than 2,000 watches.

Exhibited among the rare museum pieces visitors where able to discover the famous Star Caliber 2000. This timepiece which hallmarked the new millennium features 21 of the rarest complications along with six patented innovations. Based on five centuries of watchmaking, it stands for the future of mechanical horology. Among the most complicated Patek Philippe timepieces ever, the Star Caliber ranks third, right behind the ‘Caliber 89’ and the ‘Graves’.

Grand Complications and the Realm of the Exceptional

Patek Philippe has established itself as the undisputed leader of the supreme watchmaking art of Grand Complications – from ultra flat perpetual calendars to patented annual calendars, from classic chronographs to the most renowned World Time watches. The ultimate dream of watch collectors, this realm of the exceptional brings together the rarest and most complicated Patek Philippe timepieces, ingenious works of craftsmanship and miniaturization, as for example the tourbillon escapement watches or minute repeaters.

The exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to admire the largest collection of complicated watches in regular production and proposes an innovative film to experience the unique and much sought after sound of Patek Philippe minute repeaters.

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