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PAUL PICOT had the fantastic idea to organize a photo contest to celebrate the art work of Helmut Newton, and at PresentWatch, we like it very much.

If you would like to enjoy the result of this very special contest, don't forget to come back ;)

Press Release:

“My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain.”

About the Helmut Newton
Even during his lifetime (1920-2004), Helmut Newton was already one of the most influential photographers of all time. He is well known for fashion photos and nudes illustrating themes of mass media, glamour, sex, and theater. His unique and personal style is a blend of soft sensuality and strong contrasts which enlighten the human body.

Born in Berlin, Helmut Newton arrived in Australia in 1940 and married June Brunell (who herself became a photographer under the name of Alice Springs). In the mid-1940's, he began working as a freelance photographer, contributing to such publications as Jardin des Modes, Elle, Queen, Playboy, Nova, Marie-Claire, Vogue (New York and Paris), and Stern.

He first achieved international fame in the 1970's while working principally for French Vogue, and his celebrity and influence grew over the decades. Newton preferred to shoot in streets or interiors, rather than in studios. Controversial scenarios, bold lighting, and striking compositions came to form his signature look.

Newton’s Numerous Awards:
• Best Photography Award from the Art Director's Club in Tokyo -1976;
• American Institute of Graphic Arts Award - 1977 & 1980;
• Gold Medal from the Art Director's Club in Germany - 1978 & 1979;
• Grand Prix National for photography - 1990;
• In 1992, the German government awarded him Das Grosse Verdienstkreuz for services to German culture, and he was appointed Officier des Arts, Lettres et Sciences by S.A.S. Princess Caroline of Monaco.
• In 1996, he was appointed Commandeur de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by Philippe Douste-Blazy, the French Minister of Culture at the time.

Working and living in close companionship with his wife until his death at the age of 84 in a tragic car accident in Los Angeles (USA), his images remain as distinctive, seductive and original as ever. His artwork is often displayed regularly at major museums worldwide. The most prominent of his exhibitions is currently in the Museum for Photography in Berlin/Germany. When the museum was inaugurated in 2004, 250 of Helmut Newton best pieces went on permanent display and can still be seen today (Helmut Newton Stiftung / Museum für Fotografie / Berlin).

The Art Form of Manufacture - PAUL PICOT

As a luxury watch brand renowned for the quality of its timepieces, Paul Picot partnered with Helmut Newton in the early 1990’s. It is now honored to once again write a chapter in memory of this distinguished photographer’s legacy.

Paul Picot is issuing a call to all art aficionados to celebrate his work by interpreting his famous pieces with a fresh and innovative approach. As it is in art, Paul Picot has worked since 1976 with a philosophy of Noblesse du Détail (noble attention to details) and the conceptual approach that creating a great watch, or photograph, requires well thought out esthetical and technical considerations.

The difference between achieving an average or top grade piece lies in the application of this philosophy and approach with equal passion and dedication throughout the process of production.
The result is meant for eternity.

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