Tempvs Compvtare

A very special watch for a very special occasion, buy useful

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Buy a Tempvs Compvtare watch for Christmas

Buying a watch is not only buying a mechanical object or precious materials… Buying a mechanical automatical Swiss made watch is a pledge of quality and fairtrade.

Nowadays Swiss made watches had lost their fullness at the benefits of the margins. Wearing a Tempvs Compvtare is a pledge of awareness and commitment to protect our planet and so Humans.

Tempvs Compvtare

The Shark Watcher

Limited Edition 120 pieces
TC-SW-09-P (Polished) excl.VAT 9,680 Euros (page 7-10-11)
TC-SW-09-S (Sanded) excl.VAT 9,680 Euros (page 14-15-20-21)
TC-SW-09-B (Black DLC) excl.VAT 10,920 Euros (page 9-13-16-17-18-19)
TC-SW-12-G (Gold 18K) excl.VAT 26,490 Euros (on order only)

100% Produced and Assembled in Switzerland

Tempvs Compvtare

The Sea Shepherd Watch

Limited Edition 120 pieces
TC-SSW-09-B (Black DLC) excl.VAT 11,250 Euros (page 23-25-26-27-28-29)
TC-SSW-12-P (Polished) excl.VAT 9,930 Euros (coming soon)

100% Produced and Assembled in Switzerland

Tempus Computare - Tempvs Compvtare

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