Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile Collection

Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile Collection - Designated Haute Horlogerie

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Published by 564 on January 19 2009, 11:43.
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The multilayered design of the new collection is reflected in the elegant long dining tables, where the detailed graphics of the face and bezel of the watch are printed directly onto several sheets of glass that in turn are stacked to achieve a multilayered effect, mirroring that of the actual timepiece glass. This treatment spectacled the new models in extreme close-up so that the detailing of the various faces and bezel options are showcased in a larger than life fashion, whilst retaining the spirit of the multilayered nature of the piece.

Mr. Marc Guten, International Director of Vacheron Constantin, excited about the launch of the latest collection welcomed all the guests with a warm speech that led to the unveiling ceremony of the new collection, “Vacheron Constantin has always favoured the creation of timepieces with a unique character. It is not by accident that Vacheron Constantin has come to symbolise the ultimate in luxury that is represented by the personalisation of timepieces. It is the spirit and with respect for those values cherished by Vacheron Constantin, and because we have mastered the technology we are able to offer a concept of personalisation. It is my honour to see everyone here tonight to witness the launch of our latest invasion, Quai de l’Ile comes with a security system that is revolutionary. Flouting technical constraints, Vacheron Constantin has pushed the demands of security to their very limits by creating semi-transparent dials that are an innovative combination of the world of watch making and the most sophisticated and secret Security Printing technologies. Quai de l’Ile represents a new and truly pioneering concept in the field of Haute Horlogerie.”

This resolutely contemporary watch offers customers the opportunity to create their own personalized watch by choosing its components from a large selection of options. With the most advanced technology, customers can easily compose and order their own personalized Quai de l’Ile models at designated Vacheron Constantin retail locations worldwide.

First, the personalized watch is envisaged and designed by the future buyer with the aid of an interactive tactile screen developed by Vacheron Constantin and a set of material and colour samples. It then enters its production cycle in Geneva and will be delivered within a few weeks, as agreed on beforehand with the client.

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