Vacheron Constantin - new boutique in Lucerne

Vacheron Constantin has chosen Lucerne, as a flagship location in German-speaking Switzerland for its new boutique

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Vacheron Constantin boutique in Lucerne

Echoing the Maison Vacheron Constantin located "En l'Ile", a small island in Geneva on the shores of Lake Léman, Vacheron Constantin naturally also establishes a presence in Lucerne, the town on the Four-Cantons Lake.

It is within this exceptional setting, at 10 Kapellplatz, that a new boutique bearing the colours of the brand with the Maltese Cross officially opened on November 8th 2012.

Close historical ties have indeed been woven between this city in central Switzerland and the world's oldest watch manufacturer in uninterrupted operation since its founding in 1755. Oscar Frésard, the brand's first representative in Lucerne, began working there in 1896.

Over the decades, he was followed by Otto Ahrens at 5 Alpenstrasse; and E. Leicht-Mayer & Co on the Haldenstrasse.

All were determined to defend the brand's symbolic values: constantly seeking excellence; supporting creativity while respecting traditions; and sharing a passion for the finest timepieces embodying the peak of the watchmaking art expressed as much in technical terms as through aesthetic elegance and refined finishing.

The Vacheron Constantin boutique will be a place conducive to discussions and to serene contemplation of the theme of time and its multiple expressions.

Noble materials such as wood, bronze and leather combine to create a cosy and discreetly luxurious atmosphere.

This harmonious area is composed of two floors offering a total 120 sq.m. surface area, with the ground floor housing the boutique as such, and the upper floor reserved for a VIP lounge.

At the inauguration, six pocket watches dating from 1825 to 1994 and depicting magnificent miniature painted Swiss landscapes were presented, all belonging to the precious Vacheron Constantin heritage collection.

They illustrate iconic landmarks in our country as the 1850 pocket-watch featuring the William Tell Chapel in Sisikon; and the commemorative model made for the 1901 Lucerne "Schützenfest" (marksman's festival) and representing the city's fortifications.

Magnificently adorned using line or copperplate engraving
, joue slanted-curve etching and miniature painting techniques, these remarkable timepieces provide a unique opportunity to enjoy a close-up look at the artistic crafts that Vacheron Constantin is committed to preserving.

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