What is the most expensive watch in the world?

Published by 46 on November 5 2012, 15:21.

Hi :)

I am new here and i just registered.
As I can't wait to try it and see how it works :D i would to ask one simple question.

What is the most expensive watch that has ever been sold in the world?

Also i would like to get the info on:
- What was the most expensive watch that has ever been manufactured
- What is the record price? (Auction)


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Watches and Timepieces 6 year(s) ago at 15:33
551 Watches and Timepieces I think the most expensive watch is the Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocket Watch (estimated price of $11-Million)

For the little story, it is a solid 18-karat gold watch that was specially made for a banker in 1933 and it took 5 years to manufacture this amazing timepiece...
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sportscenterisnext 6 year(s) ago at 00:51
52 sportscenterisnext Website Some links to answer some of your questions:

Most expensive 11 watches ever sold as of May 2012: -expensive-watches-sold-at-auction- 2012-5?op=1

Watch and wait, they are always trying to one up each other.
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José Sousa 6 year(s) ago at 20:17
2706 José Sousa Dear Friends: The most expensive watch is the CHOPARD 201 CARAT - $25 Million. And next is the PATEK PHILLIPE HENRY GRAVES SUPERCOMPLICATION POCKET WATCH - $11 Million. José Sousa presentwatch
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sportscenterisnext 6 year(s) ago at 04:11
52 sportscenterisnext Website The most expensive watches in the world change on a regular basis as brand’s vie for the PR mileage that can be earned from claiming the crown for the most excess, whether it is through using precious stones of jaw-dropping sizes or the most bewildering assortment of complications. Read More: wledge/1004085587-the-most-expensiv e-watches.html#.UJ8XCYatvwl
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