Octa Chronograph

Octa Chronograph Collection by FP Journe

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Octa Chronograph

The Octa Chronographe is revolutioninsing the classical conception of a chronograph. Integrated within the Octa automatic sinding calibre measuring 30 mm in diameter and 5.7 mm in thickness, the chronograph is housed in a space just 1 mm thick.

To achieve such a performance, François-Paul Journe imagined flattening the usual column wheel to transform it into a cam wheel. It is fitted with a fly-back and return-to-zero functions, as well as a 60-minute counter. The date is shown on the dial by large-sized separate numerals, according to a patented display mode.

The guilloché silver hour, minute and small seconds sub-dials are screwed to the 18-carat gold watch face.

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