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History of Perrelet

Luxury watches for men and women

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Published by 3792 on May 20 2010, 17:04.
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History of Perrelet

Abraham-Louis Perrelet
Abraham-Louis Perrelet ( was born in January 1729 and he was definitely a "genius" in the art of watch making, and devoted his life to improve his knowledge and skills. The creation of rewinding watches by Perrelet is the result of precise research and development around automated winding system.

Without the automatic movement the perpetually wound watch would not exist.

The spinning rotor in all automatic watches that moves with your movement was invented by Abraham-Louis Perrelet, being an officially recognized invention in 1777. This iconic date is proudly placed on each Perrelet logo.

All inventive Perrelet timepieces today bear this heritage of useful luxury.

Picture Abraham-Louis Perrelet The Р-221 caliber invented and developed by the Perrelet factory in la "vallée de joux" comes with the automatic Perrelet winding module. All the Perrelet watches are manufactured in a beautiful steel cases and using pink gold.

The designers and creators from the brand developed the Perrelet Double Motor in 1995. This prestigious model has a single rotor on the dial side synchronized with the second rotor from the back side of the timepiece mechanism.

Today Perrelet is the “smart luxury” watch brand offering emotionally classic and useful timepieces to the discriminating man and woman.

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