Corum Grand Prix 2009 part 3

OKALYS-CORUM team won 2nd place

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Chief Executive Officer of CORUM, Antonio Calce said
"Although the world today is primarily business-driven, it has no meaning without the events that mark our lives. Today, true values are back, founded on human relationships. History has always marked its major steps with people. And it is precisely these people, their values, beliefs, determination and cohesion that sporting competitions such as the JULIUS BAER Challenge and its various races honour. For 4 years, CORUM has been undergoing a process of repositioning and reconstruction. It is through the combined efforts of a team, now composed of about 160 people, that this challenge has been won. CORUM regained its exclusive brand positioning based on a collection of 150 products made in limited edition or limited production. Since its establishment the brand has shared a passion for the sailing world, a passion that has been conveyed by the founding families and later by the brand itself. A few days ago I was pleased to navigate with the OKALYS-CORUM team, what energy, what a human dimension, a mixture of simplicity and grandeur, reserve and tenacity, tactical calm and inner strength. It was truly an incredible experience that profoundly touched me. The team is in perfect harmony with the CORUM credo : « Where there is passion, great achievements are within reach ». Today, it is an amazing feeling to share this victory ; a reward for each person who has contributed to this project and a way for each CORUM employee to identify with it; a wind of strength and motivation which is very beneficial in a period of economic difficulties.”

The impressions of the OKALYS-CORUM team after the race :

Nicolas Grange, owner, skipper and helmsman
“This 2009 season of the JULIUS BAER Challenge was bound to be impressive thanks to the wide range of seafarers who were signed up; all the greatest names in sailing are present. For OKALYS-CORUM, it was important not to miss this first CORUM Grand Prix, in order get off to a good start in this championship where all the teams have built up their strength during the winter. It was difficult to position ourselves against the competition even though we were confident thanks to the coherence of our team and a perfectly prepared boat. We soon realized that our preparation was right and that we could count on a very good speed at all paces and in all wind conditions. With 3 winning legs out of 6, we are proud of this result and, even though we missed the final victory by a hair, OKALYS-CORUM will definitely be on board for the 2009 season. I would like to thank my team for its whole-hearted commitment and legendary team spirit (Loïck Peyron, Eric Monnin, Damien Cardenoso, Andrew Graham and Fabien Froesch).
I would also like to thank CORUM for their support throughout this wonderful weekend, and we are eager to be back on the water in a fortnight for the 2nd stage of our championship."
Eric Monnin, tactician "Although at the time I was very disappointed, I will keep incredible memories of this weekend. 12 boats on the stretch of water create a surprising change, as the regattas are very tight, the pace is much faster and we feel even more challenged by our opponents".
Damien Cardenoso, trimmer "A glorious weekend! The increase of the fleet to twelve boats and the level of professionalism achieved this season have as expected added spice to the Decision 35 races. The first legs of the championship run in intense conditions were full of thrills and allowed us to measure up against the competition. And even if there is a little disappointment as we lost the first place during the last leg of the Grand Prix; this weekend was an amazing fight!!”
Fabien Froesch, N° 1 “This Grand Prix allowed us to confirm the potential and skills we have on board Okalys - CORUM. We still need to work on our regularity as our results are a little too uneven. Despite some frustration on the last leg (we lost our position in first place) I keep a fabulous memory of this week-end”.
Andrew Graham, trimmer
"A Grand Prix which right from the outset sets the pace for the coming year being by far the most exciting. Our "team spirit" is an example to be followed and will no doubt be an essential value for the rest of the competition. It is a real pleasure to sail.”

Loïck Peyron, helmsman
"The OKALYS-CORUM team has not changed for several years and that is what makes its strength. And I am happy to see all my French friends from the Bays of Trinité and Lorient who have arrived in Switzerland. 5 years ago I was the only French person in the race. Now it is an Exodus! In D35, the level is improving each year. We will really have a super championship with seasoned professionals and the "amateurs" who are becoming less and less amateur."

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