Corum Grand Prix 2009

OKALYS-CORUM team won 2nd place

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The 2009 edition showed all the signs of being a very close-fought race in view of the prestigious range of sailors this season and the number of contestants : 12 for 3 places on the podium ; the stretch of water on Lake Léman was truly the scene of fantastic comings and goings that made people hold their breath. After 3 successive victories, the OKALYS-CORUM team won 2nd place. With 2 boats this year, the ALINGHI team on SUI-1 landed 1st place on the podium.

Review of the 3 days of racing (results of the races taken from the Grand Chelem releases)

Friday 8th May 2009
OKALYS-CORUM won the only leg of the day’s race.

Twelve D35 on the starting line before noon with a wind of 15 to 20 knots. Although Stève Ravussin on board Veltigroup made a strong start, it was finally OKALYS-CORUM that won the first round with only a 5-metre lead on Zen Too of Guy de Picciotto in 2nd place. Banque Populaire closed the sailing of this first day.

Saturday 9th May 2009
Alinghi SUI-1 and OKALYS-CORUM won each of the first three legs of the second day of the CORUM Grand Prix.

Due to the wind conditions, the first departure could not be given until 3 pm.
A first leg, dominated by Smarthome of Christian Michel, was started before being cancelled due to instability and lack of wind. The second leg was won by OKALYS-CORUM of Nicolas Grange, propelling the team to the head of the overall classification. Alinghi SUI-1 led by Ernesto Bertarelli won the 3rd and final round of the day, positioned just ahead of Ladycat of Dona Bertarelli Spaeth and Veltigroup of Marco Simeoni.

Sunday 10th May 2009
Alinghi SUI-1 came out winner of the CORUM Grand Prix after fighting OKALYS-CORUM up to the last leg.

After two days of regatta, OKALYS-CORUM was leading the dance by one point. The last two legs of the day totally changed the entire classification. In total, the twelve D35 will have raced 6 legs.A first leg won by OKALYS-CORUM, of Nicolas Grange was launched at 1.45 pm with a wind of between 5 and 10 knots. Alinghi SU-1 was in 2nd place. The second and final leg of the day was decisive and was won by Alinghi SUI-1. This victory brought the first place in the Grand Prix to Alinghi SUI-1.
OKALYS-CORUM of Nicolas Grange only just finished in second place. This team, which has not changed for 4 years, shows that experience of the D35 and knowledge of the stretch of water are of prime importance. On third place on the podium was Julius-Baer that had been reinforced by 4 members of the Courrier Dunkerk team in a Mumm 30.

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