De Bethune Dream Watch One part 2

Dream Watch One by De Bethune

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Published by 3810 on December 4th, 2008 at 08:17 p.m..

This timepiece allows every owner to adjust their watch personally according to how the watch performs: a fundamental step forward in the art of watch making. Every timepiece has the greatest accuracy as its objective, but the vagaries of life, the way in which the watch is worn and the activities which are part of the daily life of a watch inevitably result in slight inaccuracies. Always seeking to improve the accuracy of their timepieces, Denis Flageollet and David Zanetta have therefore created a watch which enables every owner easily to adjust it to achieve an exceptional degree of accuracy.

By simply pressing on one of the two push‐pieces on the back of the watch, the owner of this timepiece can adjust its rate to achieve a pinnacle of accuracy. A simple action, but when one looks a little closer, it is a remarkable technological feat. By applying a simple external pressure, the heart of the watch is reached through a system of reduction arms and levers in a way that conveys the gesture perfectly. For ease of use, the extent of the adjustment is indicated in red through a window in the back of the watch.

This represents a particular relationship with a timepiece, which enables it to be better understood, to be controlled better and to be made more personal.
A few weeks will certainly be needed before perfect adjustment of the watch is achieved, but from then on there will be a complete symbiosis between the owner and the watch. Everything in this watch appears to be simple but it is in fact extremely complex.
The simple oscillator of the mechanical calibre DB2016, wholly designed within the Manufacture, is a genuine achievement in the world of watch making. The balance spring of the escapement is not visible; it is concealed within an annular balance consisting of a central silicon disc surrounded by a thin ring of polished platinum which can be seen through the dial.

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