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History of Gérald Genta

The man behind the brand that bears his name was undeniably the most talented Haute Horlogerie designer of his era.

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Gérald Genta created iconic models that have become milestones in the history of the greatest names in Swiss prestige watchmaking.

History of Gerald Genta

1969 Gérald Genta creates his own brand and opened his workshops in St-Jean - Geneva

1973 Development of the first Grande Sonnerie 3-hammer pocket-watch and of the first Gérald Genta Perpetual Calendar model.

1979 Gérald Genta is awarded the much-coveted Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark.

1988 Gérald Genta hits the watchmaking headlines with the launch of the Gefica, the first model equipped with a model featuring complications dedicated to “Big Five” hunters (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros and buffalos). The main innovation, a world first for a wristwatch, the movement is clothed with a bronze case, a material guaranteeing the model against any inadvertent glinting that would warn the prey of the hunter’s approach.

1994 Presentation of the Grande Sonnerie Tourbillon Automatic with 4 hammers, Westminster chime, perpetual calendar and dual time zone. Considered at the time to be the world’s most complex wristwatch.

1996 Development of the Retrograde and Biretrograde movements that are to become brand signature features.

2000 The Gérald Genta brand is bought up by the Bulgari group.

2004 Launch of the Octo line, referring to the Brand’s original octagonal model.

2005 World-first launch of the Chrono Quatro Retro, equipped with a column-wheel chronograph movement and 4 retrograde functions.
Launch of the Tourbillon Incontro, combining a complicated mechanical movement with a digital display.

2007 Launch of the new Gefica, an exceptional model featuring a complex case crafted in bronze and titanium. Opening of the two first own-name Gérald Genta boutiques in Paris and Geneva. Construction of the new premises of the Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Gérald Genta in Le Sentier.

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History of Gérald Genta

The man behind the brand that bears his name was undeniably the most talented Haute Horlogerie designer of his era.

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