Watch - The perfect mechanical movement

The world's most perfect machine: The Watch by José Sousa

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Almost all of us have a watch that was left by our Father, Grandfather, other relative or a close friend, and like many of us, these watches are sometimes stored in a safe, a drawer or even mixed with other things and old memories belonging to the Family. What happens is that these watches are often stopped for years and when we take them and give them rope they still work, which is amazing, even they not running in perfect condition, they work.

Watch - The perfect mechanical movement

I dont know any machine like the watch, and I am sure that you did not know too, and therefore I say with certainty that there is no machine in the world like a mechanical watch. All machines must have a regular maintenance, all machines stop working if we dont take care of them, but there is a machine that overcomes all others:


If we compare the mechanisms of watches with any other machine in the world there is none so perfect and so accurately.

It is very easy to see how accurate they are and so perfect: If for example, we compare the watch movement to a car engine, the car has to have constant review, without her it would not work well and even cease to function.

- What happens if we do not change the oil in our car?

- What happens if we do not use the car for a few months or a few years?

- What happens to the car or any other machine that we used to use in everyday life?

They simply cease to function.

A large proportion of people who buy mechanical watches dont do the appropriate revisions, such as oil changes, movement cleaning, sealing test, etc.. Yet people use the watches in all situations and often with little care and yet the watches do not let them look bad, if you do to your watch with your car I doubt he continues to work in perfect conditions, I have sure he even let working.

And we must not forget that the watch mechanisms are tiny, many of watches we use have hundreds of parts inside, which makes it much more complicated to manufacture. Also we must dont forget that the watch are subject to enormous forces, such as strokes, our sudden movements, temperature, etc.

Despite all of this the watches have an amazing accuracy, even delaying or advancing a few seconds per day: A watch forward or delay about 30 seconds per day, present a Offset 0.035% relative to absolute accuracy, this means that this watch had an impressive accuracy of 99.965%.

Watch - The perfect mechanical movement

And while a quartz watch can work well for about 15 or 20 years, a mechanical watch can run for more than 100 years, and can be passed from father to son and have great sentimental value.


For all that, the watch is undoubtedly the best machine ever in the world.

So take good care of your best friend: The Watch

Watch - The perfect mechanical movement

José Sousa

José Sousa

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