Patravi EvoTec BigDate

A successful combination: progressive technology and feminine aesthetic appeal.

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With the Patravi EvoTec BigDate, Carl F. Bucherer presents the first ladies’ watch based on the visionary EvoTec Manufacture Concept.

In so doing, the Lucerne brand is responding to the growing number of women who demand a high level of mechanical and technical sophistication without wishing to sacrifice the independent, feminine aesthetic appeal of their watch.

For an increasing number of women, what goes on inside the watch they wear on their wrist is by no means a matter of indifference. There has been a sharp increase in the demands women make regarding the mechanical and technical sophistication of their watches.

Sophisticated technical features should however be useful and above all reliable; complicated gimmicks that do not work properly stand little chance with discerning women who know about watches. Nor are they willing to make any sacrifices with regard to feminine aesthetic appeal. Aesthetics that stand on their own and perfectly express the individual and independent style of the wearer, but are at the same time distinguished by a timeless elegance. The first EvoTec model for women.

In order to satisfy these expectations in full, with the Patravi EvoTec BigDate Carl F. Bucherer presents the first women’s watch that is based on the integrated, visionary “Evolution Technology” Manufacture Concept – EvoTec for short. This concept concentrates in particular on the design of Manufacture movements and mechanisms with genuine added value as well as practical additional functions. Planned or existing traditional technologies are also reviewed and wherever possible improved so that more intelligent and more reliable implementation solutions can be identified. The basis for each development process is the company’s own copyrighted method known as “Smart SimPlexity®”.

The CFB A1003 Manufacture movement of the Patravi EvoTec BigDate and its function module are the result of this progressive approach. A fascinating feature of the caliber is the first ever reliably functioning peripheral rotor, which offers an unimpeded view of the caliber with its modern decoration, in addition to innovative developments such as a patented dynamic shock absorption (DSA) for the rotor and a new fine adjustment system (CDAS), which requires adjustment only once. An intelligent solution has also been found for the switching of the big date. This functions with a moveable finger which is integrated into the relevant ring. This finger makes it possible, when changing the date from the 31st to the 1st of the following month, to change only the disk with the second digit while that controlling the first digit stays still.

Impressive and original aesthetics. Typical of the launch models from Carl F. Bucherer that include the term “EvoTec” in their name as a distinguishing feature is the unmistakeable cushion-shaped case. For the Patravi EvoTec BigDate, its dimensions have been reduced to a still extremely generous 39.2 mm x 38.5 mm. In two of the four versions so far available, the bezel is fitted with 56 of the purest diamonds, emphasizing the character of this watch as a modern piece of jewelry. With the jewels becoming finer towards the corners and their slightly convex shape, this setting perfectly emphasizes the elegant shape of the case.

The silver dial of the Patravi EvoTec BigDate presents an elegantly sleek look with fine index marks for the hours. The black dial offers an extremely attractive alternative: with fascinating high-quality black mother-of-pearl with its natural play of colors at the center, while on the outside there are longitudinal index marks and five diamonds, also set in a dome-shaped framework, indicating the hours.

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Patravi EvoTec BigDate

A successful combination: progressive technology and feminine aesthetic appeal.

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