Excellence Platine Patrimony Contemporaine pocket watch by Vacheron Constantin part 3

Yesterday, a symbol of both prestige and freedom

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Pure, rare, eternal… Platinum, the most precious of all metals

The obvious choice of precious metal when only the best or the most exclusive will do, platinum has inspired Vacheron Constantin to create its Collection Excellence Platine Limited Editions, in tribute to the distinctive properties and assets of this rare metal.

Long considered the exclusive preserve of royalty and statesmen, now joined by collectors and exceptional individuals with refined tastes, platinum conveys a definite aura of prestige that elicits a sense of kinship among a distinguished elite of discerning connoisseurs. For them, owning a Vacheron Constantin timepiece from the Collection Excellence Platine grants them privileged access to one of the world’s most exclusive circles.

Each new and necessarily limited-edition Vacheron Constantin model identified as belonging to the Collection Excellence Platine features a solid platinum dial discreetly bearing the inscription “PT950”, along with platinum hands, case and crown, and is housed within a grey lacquered ashwood presentation box.

Vacheron Constantin watchmakers first began using platinum in 1820, and the Geneva-based manufacture has since employed this precious metal in many of its most complex and original creations.

While 18-carat gold contains just 75% of the precious metal, platinum is 95% pure. Also much rarer than gold, it is found in an extremely small number of deposits worldwide, mainly in South Africa.

Its density and its weight are far superior to other metals and make it a more durable material. This quality means that a tiny scratch on a platinum model merely displaces the metal, engendering only a minimal loss of material. An object in platinum therefore retains its full value, as befits a token of eternity. Moreover, it is not subject to oxidation and is thus not affected by the passing of time, making it a perfect lifelong companion.

In addition to its resistance and its density, platinum boasts another remarkable quality: its extreme malleability. It is indeed malleable to the point where a single gram of metal can be drawn out to form a thread stretching almost two kilometres.

Vacheron Constantin created the Collection Excellence Platine specifically in order to highlight the distinctive qualities of this noble metal.

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