A short introduction to the world of BUBEN & ZORWEG

Luxury Watch Winder, Luxury Safes and other masterpieces made with love and passion in Austria

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We have been recently contacted by Elisa Bretterebner from BUBEN & ZORWEG and thought we should investigate a bit more about this brand we simply never heard about before...

We should write pretty soon a more complete article about the products range they have to offer.

For now we would like to introduce a masterpiece which is pretty impressive in terms of cutting-edge design, luxury materials and engineering flair with the finest craftsmanship.

Elisa Bretterebner wrote: The people who read and appreciate PresentWatch share Oscar Wilde's opinion

"I have very simple tastes – I am always satisfied with the best."

The Buben Zorweg object of time One-77

BUBEN&ZORWEG delights the aficionados of an elitist lifestyle and collectors of precious valuables handcrafted with perfection, innovative passion and designs full of character.

The high-end manufacturers of masterpieces of exquisite master craftsmanship have achieved a unique position over the past years, especially in the segment of luxury interiors. Incomparable and unique pieces such as the elegant OBJECTS OF TIME® fascinate as solitary eye-catchers in a luxurious ambience.

They are equipped with everything a passionate connoisseur of valuable items and pleasures appreciates: an innovative high-tech environment for storing or presenting valuable wristwatches, fine wines and rare cigars, crowned by fascinating clocks.

How would you define the work achieved so far by BUBEN & ZORWEG?

"It is the result of a successful integration of our ideas and master craftsmanship 'Made in Germany' that can be found around the world, for instance in the high-end interiors of luxury yachts or representative homes.

We collaborate with the 'best of the best', as evidenced by the fascinating Object of Time One-77, realized in cooperation with Aston Martin as an homage to the luxury sports car of the same name."

Photo credits - Courtesy of BUBEN&ZORWEG

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