IWC and Laureus part 7

Watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has joined forces with Laureus

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Working alongside the Laureus Academy members are also a large number of Laureus Friends and Ambassadors, a group which includes many current world-class sportsmen and sportswomen who are committed to working to help underprivileged young people within their own countries. Laureus Sport for Good Foundation The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation supports community projects in places of deprivation throughout the world. Since 2000 the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation has funded and promoted initiatives worldwide which use the power of sport to tackle pressing social issues. From the ability to overcome the battle against crime and drugs, to breaking down the barriers of wartorn nations and to regenerate forgotten communities, sport stands alone as a universal language which can be used to educate and to overcome adversity. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation supports over 65 projects worldwide and since its inception has improved the lives of almost 750,000 children. Examples of projects include “Fight With Insight” in Johannesburg, South Africa, a boxing project for young offenders, which aims to channel their aggression into more positive areas.

The “Magic Bus Sports Programme”, in Mumbai, India, which creates “classrooms without walls”, and offers sports activities, education, food and healthcare to children who have no choice but to live on the streets, and in some cases those who have been forced into prostitution. In Israel/Palestine, the Peres Center for Peace project “Twinned Basketball Schools”, brings together young people from two divided communities through sport. In Cambodia “Spirit of Soccer” teaches young people to be aware of the risks of land mines still remaining in their communities, and in Richmond, Virginia, American teenagers play in a “Midnight Basketball League” which has helped to tackle drug and crime problems, taking the kids off the Sport can change the world Laureus street and into the basketball courts. Diverse projects, yet all making a deep impact on their respective communities. Many of the projects are tackling the root of such problems namely drug addiction, poverty, criminality and even AIDS, through sport. Underprivileged children rub shoulders with the legends of sport The members of the Laureus World Sports Academy regularly visit Foundation projects, bringing much needed publicity and demonstrating to the participants and their leaders that their work has the backing of their communities and the outside world.

The Academy aims to promote all that is positive and worthwhile in sport, and to reinforce the work of all those who stand up for fair play, honest effort and the joy of taking part. Young people who meet Edwin Moses, Mark Spitz, Bobby Charlton, Martina Navratilova or Boris Becker are left with a strong, positive impression. These great sporting legends, who simply want to give something back to society in return for everything that sport has given to them, become great role models for the young people. That is why every Academy member is committed to donating his or her time each year to visit projects. Laureus Academy Chairman Edwin Moses explained: “The Laureus World Sports Awards are a way of drawing the world’s attention to what really matters – our work with communities with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. The greatest thing we can do is change lives for the better through sport.” Nine National Laureus Sport for Good Foundations Laureus thinks globally and acts locally.

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