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The Sinn U2 EZM as a Tactical Watch

The Sinn U2 EZM is everything most will need in a tactical situation, but in a package ready ...

The Linde Werdelin Story Continues

Another beautiful animation from the watchmakers extraordinaire, Linde Werdelin.

From the Makers of the SpidoLite

Linde Werdelin, makers of the world renown, expedition timepiece extraordinaire, the SpidoLite, have created a beautiful animation to get you in the mood for your next adventure.

Some of Our Favorite Military-Style Timepieces

As a follow up to our guide to picking out the right military-style watch for your next big expedition, we've highlighted a couple of our favorite watches below.

Military Style Watches

These are the following characteristics you should be looking for when selecting your military watch.

Selecting the Right Military-Style Watch

Let us help you choose a watch that just might save your life one day.

Suunto Ambit - Conquering New Territory

A true GPS watch for the fearless, the elite, the explorers.

Casio G-Shock Pro Trek PRG-510T-7

A lightweight, durable ABC watch that actually looks good both in the field and in more formal settings.

Spotting a Fake Rolex

A few quick tips to keep you from becoming the proud new owner of a fake Rolex.

A video Guide to Luxury Watches

A short video primer on some of the more prestigious luxury watch brands.

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