New Chronomètre à Résonance

New Chronomètre à Résonance by F.P Journe

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New Chronomètre à Résonance from the F.P Journe Souveraine collection


Celebration of the emblematic F.P.Journe Timekeeper 2010 commemorates the 10 year Anniversary of the renowned Chronomètre à Resonance with a new edition now featuring a 24 hour indicator.

An emblematic timepiece that will significantly mark the research on precision made by master watchmaker François-Paul Journe. This unique watch represents one of the wildest challenges ever in the field of the mechanical watch! Utilising the natural resonance phenomenon, this exceptional mechanism revolutionized the classic standards of watch-making by offering an unequalled precision for a wristwatch. The first applications of the resonance phenomenon in horological science date back to the 18th century, by French master watchmaker Antide Janvier (†1840).

He observed the negative effects of these waves on clocks and then conducted his own research on ways of using this phenomenon in the operating of regulators.

Chronometre a Resonance technical Specifications
Movement: Calibre 1499.3
Manual winding
Movement in 18K rose gold
36 jewels
Dimensions: Overall diameter: 32.60mm
Casing-up diameter: 32.00mm
Overall height: 4.20mm
Height of winding stem: 2.59mm
Diameter of stem thread: S1.00mm
Diameter of reset to zero stem : S1.20mm
Characteristics: 2 x linear escapements, 15 teeth
2 x balances with 4 inertia weight
2 x flat microflamed Anachron balance Spring
2 x mobile stud carriers
2 x free sprung balance springs
2x spring laser pinned to Nivatronic collets
Pinned GE studs
2 position winding crown
Reset to zero button for seconds
Frequency: 21,600v/h (3Hz)
Balance: Inertia 10.10 mg/cm2
Angle of lift: 52°
Amplitude: 0h dial up: > 320°
24h dial up: > 270°
Main feature: Manual winding, 27 turns of crown
Time adjustment at 12h for left dial by winding crown on position 2
in one direction, and in the opposite direction for right dial
Reset both seconds to zero by pulling button at 4h00
Power Reserve: 40 hours + 2
Indications: Double display: Left dial –digital- indicating 24 hours
Right dial –analogic- indicating 12 hours
2 small seconds at 6h00
Power reserve at 11h00
Finishing: High quality
Partial circular graining on baseplate
Screw heads polished and bevelled, with chamfered slots
Pegs with polished rounded ends
Case: Platinum or 18K red gold
Diameter: 38.00 or 40.00mm
Total height: 9.00mm
Number of Parts: Movement without dial 299
Cased up with strap 336

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