Chronometre Souverain

Souveraine Chronograph by FP Journe

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The stunning simplicity of a high-precision wristwatch Stripped down for performance, the Chronomètre Souverain shows the versatility of François-Paul Journe’s style in the antithesis of complicated watchmaking.

The new model, inspired by early 19th-century marine chronometry, reveals Journe at the top of his craft in two superbly executed horological illusions. On the dial, Journe achieves a pleasing balance and harmony by altering the size and boldness of the numerals. It is done so neatly that the trick is not immediately apparent.

Through the display back, the balance and escapement are mysteriously detached from the movement, beating without apparent motive power. Journe has put the connecting train under the dial, leaving only the centre wheel to emphasise the isolation of the balance.

The manually wound, 21,600v/h movement in 18-carat gold baseplates and bridges shows why the simplest mechanisms are often the most attractive.

SPECIFICATIONS Dial: Silver. Hobnail pattern guilloché in the centre. Moiré finish in small-seconds subdial and power-reserve sector. Satined chapter ring. Blued-steel hands. Movement: Manually wound, 13 lignes x 3.7mm, 21,600 v/h, F.P. Journe free-sprung chronometer balance. Twin barrels in parallel giving 50 hours power reserve (indicated). Mystery balance with going-train under the dial. The stunning simplicity of a high-precision wristwatch

Calibre 1304
Manually wound by 38 turns
Movement in 18K rose gold
22 jewels
Dimensions of the Movement
Overall diameter : 30.40 mm
Casing-up diameter : 29.60 mm
Overall height : 3.75 mm
Height of winding system : 2.30 mm
Diameter of stem thread : S0.90 mm
Four inertia weights
Flat Anachron microflamed spring
Mobile stud holders
Free sprung
Nivatronic laser-welded to collet
Pinned GE stud
Frequency : 21,600 v / h, (3Hz)
Inertia : 10.10 mg /cm2
Angle of lift : 52°
Amplitude : 0h dial up : > 320°
24h dial up : > 280°
Principal characteristics
Two mainspring barrels in parallel
Time adjustment via crown in position 2
Pallets escapement with 15 tooth escape wheel
Two position crown
Central hours and minutes
Sub-second at 7h30
Power reserve at 3h00
Power reserve
56 hours +- 2h.
Partly circular grained baseplate, meulé soleil
Polished screw heads, chamfered slots
Pegs with polished rounded ends
Platinum or red gold
Diameter : 38 mm - 40.00 mm
Height : 8.60 mm
Dial: Silver with guilloche clous de Paris
Number of Pieces
Movement without dial : 164
Cased-up on leather strap: 198

"Chronomètre Souverain" from the F.P Journe Souveraine collection

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