Octa Automatique Reserve

Octa Automatique Reserve by FP Journe

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LESS IS MORE : A NEW CALIBRE AND TWO NEW OCTA MODELS Each infinitesimal movement is exploited for optimized winding A constant search for functionality brings the new Octa 1300-3 caliber. In his approach as an innovative and creative watchmaker, François Paul Journe does not hesitate in constantly improving his creations. This is the case with the conception of this new caliber which offers an automatic winding system in adequacy with the less mobile users.

In 2001, when the creative watchmaker presented the Octa line - a collection of mechanical wristwatch chronometers with automatic winding systems offering more than 5 days of power reserve (over 120 hours), all of which have the same case thickness regardless of the complication – the success is immediate! The Octa collection satisfies a clientele looking for authentic, rare and innovative horology in an “easy to wear” mechanical wristwatch.

The Octa collection declines into a variety of complications such as a chronograph, an annual calendar or a moon phases, thus satisfying a variety of clients needs. In his testimony on the creation of his first calibre with automatic movement signed F.P. Journe – Invenit et Fecit- , François Paul Journe explains his philosophy, focusing on the difficulty in creating a global collection with exactly the same size case regardless of the complication. But, his real challenge was to provide an elegant, innovative line developed on a calibre offering unrelenting stability with a very efficient automatic movement.

The Octa line is available in the six F.P Journe Boutiques

MOVEMENT SPECIFICATIONS : Automatic Octa with date and power-reserve indicator and moon phase

CALIBRE F.P.JOURNE 1300-3 Bridge side - Under-dial view
Indications: Central hours and minutes - Small seconds at 4:30 - Large date - Power-reserve indicator at 9 o’clock
Dimensions: Total diameter: 30.8mm - Casing-up diameter 30.4mm - Total height: 5.86mm Case: Platinum or 18K rose Gold
Dimensions: 38 ou 40 mm Height : 10.6 mm
Movement features: 15-tooth - Free-sprung balance with four adjustment weights Flat Anachron balance- spring Mobile stud holder - Pinned stud - Spring laser - welded to the collet - Three-position crown - Slipping mainspring - Off-centre winding rotor Winding speed on rotator without mainspring
slipping: 274 anti-clockwise rotations/24 hours Characteristics: Unidirectional automatic winding - Instantaneous date change - Date setting by the crown in position 2 – Time setting by the crown in position 3 Balance:
Frequency: 21,600v/h (3Hz) - Inertia: 11.0 mg/cm2 - Angle of lift: 52° Amplitude: 0h dial up: >300° - 120h dial up: >220°
Time-keeping autonomy: 120 ± 12 hours Finish: High grade - Circular stripes on the bridges - Baseplate circular-grained -
Polished and bevelled screws - Pegs with rounded, polished ends Number of parts: Octa automatique Réserve de Marche:
Movement: 277 - Cased up on leather strap: 287 Jewels: 40 Octa automatique Lune:
Movement: 292 - Cased up on leather strap: 303 Jewels: 39

Octa Automatique Reserve part 2

Optimized winding system Always taking into account the notes and observations concerning his products, François Paul Journe states, “I realized that one of my friend’s Octa was never completely wound because he works on a computer and his hand doesn’t move enough.” It is from this observation that he will create the new Octa caliber (1300-3) that uses the slightest movement to automatically wind the watch. With talent, the watchmaker turns the problem around, and creates a new off centered rotor that winds in only one direction with a self-locking ball bearing system. The ceramic balls allow the rotor to move in one direction and block it in the other. In this way, every infinitesimal movement is maximally exploited for an optimized winding of the watch. The new caliber retains the characteristics of the classic Octa with: a five day power reserve (120H) and a variable inertia balance wheel for an optimum yield that offers each model of the Octa line an irreproachable stability. Also in accordance to his clients’ observations, François Paul Journe takes advantage of this new caliber to offer two new models with central hands : « Some of our clients told me they had difficulty reading the time on the classical Octa dial, so I took advantage of the new caliber’s creation to build the Octa Automatic Reserve and the Octa Automatic Lune whose dial is inspired by that of the Chonomètre Souverain - The Octa collection is conceived for all lifestyles, from the most extreme to most quiet !

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