Octa Divine 36 Collection

Octa Divine 36 by FP Journe

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The first model by F.P. Journe-Invenit et Fecit - to be set with diamonds A constant search for functionality brings the new Octa 1300-3 caliber. In his approach as an innovative and creative watchmaker, François-Paul Journe does not hesitate in constantly improving his creations. This is the case with the conception of this new caliber which offers an automatic winding system in adequacy with the less mobile users. In 2001, when the creative watchmaker presented the Octa line - a collection of mechanical wristwatch chronometers with automatic winding systems offering more than 5 days of power reserve (over 120 hours), all of which have the same case thickness regardless of the complication – the success is immediate!

A worthy heir to the Octa collection, the OCTA DIVINE in 36 mm. diameter is the first model by F.P. Journe-Invenit et Fecit - to be set with diamonds and feature centre hour and minute hands. Nonetheless, the recognisable F.P. Journe aesthetic elegance has been retained, with the seconds circle in the lower right-hand section, and the hour and minute circles screwed to the dial, a brandspecific feature that has been duly patented. This watch indicates the power-reserve and displays the moon phases thanks to a metallic sapphire disc which moves one notch forward when the date changes.

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Movement: Octa Divine Automatic Calibre FPJ 1300.3 in 18K red gold
Indications: Central hours and minutes - Small seconds at 4:30 - Large date –
Power-reserve indicator at 9 o’clock
Dimensions: Total diameter: 30.8mm - Casing-up diameter 30.4mm
Total height: 5.86mm
Movement features: 15-tooth - Free-sprung balance with four adjustment weights Flat
Anachron balance- spring Mobile stud holder - Pinned stud - Spring laser - welded
to the collet - Three-position crown - Slipping mainspring - Off-centre winding rotor
Winding speed on rotator without mainspring slipping:
274 anti-clockwise rotations/24 hours
Characteristics: Unidirectional automatic winding - Instantaneous date change –
Date setting by the crown in position 2 – Time setting by the crown in position 3
Balance: Frequency: 21,600v/h (3Hz) –
Inertia: 11.0 mg/cm2 - Angle of lift: 52°
Amplitude: 0h dial up: >300° - 120h dial up: >220°
Time-keeping autonomy: 160 ± 12 hours
Jewels: 39
Finish: High grade - Circular stripes on the bridges - Baseplate circular-grained - Polished and
bevelled screws - Pegs with rounded, polished ends
Number of parts: 291 - cased up on leather strap: 311
Case: Platinum or 18K red gold
Diameter: 36 mm set with diamonds (without diamonds available in 36, 38 or 40 mm.)
Height: 10.6 mm
Back: Sapphire glass
Dial : Gold set with diamonds, approx. 0.6 carats
Strap: Alligator
Clasp : Platinum or 18K red gold
Leather strap: Platinum or 18K red gold, set with 484 brilliant-cut diamonds
for 2.56 carats
Art Deco bracelet : Platinum or 18K red gold, partially set with 950 brilliant-cut
diamonds for 6.72 carats
Jewellery bracelet : Platinum or 18K red gold, pave-set with 1381 brilliant-cut
diamonds for 11.02 carats

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